About the Chronic Pain Network

Officially launched in 2016, the Chronic Pain Network is a pan-Canadian collaboration of patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, educators, industry and government policy advisors to direct new research in chronic pain, train researchers and clinicians, and translate findings into knowledge and policy. The Network also provides direct funding to twenty research projects, covering population studies, behavioural studies, basic science and clinical trials.

Patients are engaged as partners, working with professionals to identify priorities to improve health outcomes, identify new treatments and deliver a more effective healthcare system to fellow Canadians.


To change the way pain is managed in Canada through improved assessment, prevention and provision of timely and optimal pain management.


To reduce pain and improve function, participation and quality of life for those affected, while alleviating the economic burden of pain over one's lifespan.


The Chronic Pain Network is composed of seven committees, a National Coordinating Centre, with a registry working group, clinical research network and provincial SPOR SUPPORT Units acting as network resources. Each committee has at least two patient/caregiver representatives, including a patient partner as committee co-chair.

As a CIHR SPOR Network, the Chronic Pain Network must meet all standards established by CIHR, including a clear governance structure. This diagram indicates the reporting structure of all Chronic Pain Network committees.