Patient Perspective Partners

The Chronic Pain Network currently has patient and caregiver representatives across Canada, including representatives from Indigenous/Aboriginal communities. Patient perspective partners are engaged in Network committees, contributing to research priorities, evaluating projects and helping to guide the Network.
Current Patient Perspective Partners
  • carolynn-bulmer

    Carolynn Bulmer

    Vanderhoof, British Columbia

    Carolynn Bulmer is a group leader for the Vanderhoof Chronic Pain Self Management and Support Group. She participates the advisory committees with Northern Health and community physicians relating to chronic pain.

    Carolynn sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee.

  • mary-brachaniec

    Mary Brachaniec

    Moncton, New Brunswick

    Mary Brachaniec is a retired physiotherapist with experience in several national and provincial Arthritis Society initiatives. She also served on the CIHR Institute for Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis Knowledge Exchange Task Force and the Cochrane Consumer Network for several years.

    Mary is the past Co-Chair of the Chronic Pain Network's Knowledge Translation committee.

  • lynn-cooper

    Lynn Cooper

    Kitchener, Ontario

    Lynn Cooper was formerly president of the Canadian Pain Coalition, which disbanded in 2017. She has spent more than 20 years volunteering with organizations that seek to better understand issues surrounding chronic pain, and furthering research into and management of chronic pain.

    Lynn sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Steering committee.

  • Jennifer Daly-Cyr

    Jennifer Daly-Cyr

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Since the sudden onset of severe pain, Jennifer has been on a journey of learning to live with pain and adapting to the dramatic changes this has brought to her daily life. She leverages her lived patient experience and professional background in making a contribution to chronic pain research in Canada. Jennifer sits on the Chronic Pain Network’s Patient Engagement Committee and Knowledge Translation Committee. 

    Jennifer sits on the Chronic Pain Network’s Patient Engagement Committee. 

  • chris-debow

    Chris DeBow

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Chris is a partner in an economic and management consulting firm in Halifax. As a volunteer and patient consultant involved in arthritis research for over a decade, Chris has worked with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, The Arthritis Society,Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, Canadian Arthritis Network, and AbbVie Pharmaceutical Research & Development across a broad range of projects. Chris has also served as consumer advisor on a number of arthritis research initiatives.

    Chris is the co-chair of the Clinical Research Network.

  • mario-di-carlo

    Mario Di Carlo

    Montreal, Québec

    Mario seeks to help improve healthcare by partnering, as a patient, with various institutions and organisations. He is a Co-Facilitator in the Faculty of Medicine of University of Montreal, a Master Trainer of chronic disease and chronic pain self-management programmes with Stanford University, a Patient Advisor at McGill University Health Centre and a Patient Surveyor at Accreditation Canada.

    Mario sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee.

  • kathleen-eubanks

    Kathleen Eubanks

    Toronto, Ontario

    Kathleen Eubanks is the Co-Founder and President of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Canada.

    Kathleen sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee.

  • janet-gunderson

    Janet Gunderson

    Glaslyn, Saskatchewan

    Janet Gunderson has been an active volunteer with The Arthritis Society for more 15 years. She is currently on the steering committee for the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance and was formerly on The Consumer Advisory Council for the Canadian Arthritis Network. Janet is also active with the Cochrane Collaboration.

    Janet sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee. She is also a member of the SPOR Evidence Alliance and the Saskatchewan SPOR network (SCPOR). 

  • richard-hovey

    Richard Hovey

    Montreal, Québec

    Richard Hovey is an Associate Professor in the Division of Oral Health and Society with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of McGill. Richard researches suffering, which spans the lived experiences of living with osteoporosis, preventable medical error, type II diabetes, social isolation and chronic pain. He has also conducted interdisciplinary synergetic research workshops for researchers from basic science to public health to learn how to work together effectively through a hermeneutic relational process.

    Richard part of the Chronic Pain Network's Registry Working Group.

  • jacques-laliberte

    Jacques Laliberté

    Saint-Bruno, Québec

    Jacques Laliberté is the founding president of the Association de la douleur chronique (AQDC) in 2004. Jacques has also been a member of the Canadian Pain Task Force since 2019.

    Jacques co-chair of the Chronic Pain Network's Executive committee and a patient perspective partner on various advisory panels and research projects. 

  • therese-lane

    Therese Lane

    Toronto, Ontario

    Therese is a patient advocate, volunteer and active member of Action Ontario PNP (peripheral nerve pain).

    Theresa sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee.

  • curtis-may

    Curtis May

    Richmond, British Columbia

    Curtis is a medical student at the University of British Columbia. He is a research assistant at a chronic pain clinic, CHANGEpain clinic in Vancouver and a volunteer with Pain BC. He plays the saxophone and is a farmer.

    Curtis is part of the Chronic Pain Network's Registry Working Group.

  • Delane Linkiewich

    Delane Linkiewich

    Edmonton, Alberta

    Delane Linkiewich is a graduate student in the Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology program at the University of Guelph. She takes a patient-oriented approach to her research which focuses on peer support interventions for youth with chronic pain. Delane has been living with chronic pain for 13 years and is a passionate advocate for people who live with pain. 

    Delane sits on the Patient Engagement committee.

  • carley-ouellette

    Carley Ouellette

    Toronto, Ontario

    Carley Ouellette is a recent nursing graduate from Western University and will be an incoming graduate nursing student at McMaster University. Carley is a research student in the Child Health Evaluative Sciences department at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

    Carley sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Training & Mentoring committee and is part of the Registry Working Group.

  • lesley-singer

    Lesley Norris Singer

    Montreal, Québec

    In addition to her work with the CPN, Lesley Singer is patient partner with Quebec Pain Research Network and is also a patient partner on the Steering committee of  the five-year pain project Education for Physiotherapists (PEP), which is a project to improve the pain education knowledge of entry to practice physiotherapists across Canada

    Lesley sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Knowledge Translation committee and Training & Mentoring committee.

  • karen-smith

    Karen Smith

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Karen Smith comes from a background in public relations. She has served on many non-profit boards and is involved in the health sector as a speaker for clinical education. She is a university health mentor at Dalhousie University and makes public presentations focusing on the “stigma and social consequences of pain.” She also sits on the Canadian Pain Society's Scientific committee.

    Karen sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Executive committee.

  • janice-sumpton

    Janice Sumpton

    London, Ontario

    Janice is a person living with pain of various types throughout her life which includes neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia since 1998. Janice worked as a pharmacist in a teaching hospital for over 36 years. Janice worked in various capacities including an interdisciplinary team member of the Pediatric Chronic Pain Program at Children’s Hospital in London.

    She is Co-Chair of the Patient/Public Working Group for the National Faculty at the National Pain Centre in Hamilton. Janice is on the Steering Council of the Fibromyalgia Association of Canada and is involved on the Research and Education Committees.

     Janice sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Oriented Research Committee.

  • marc-white

    Marc White

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    Marc White is co-founder, CEO and President of the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability. He is also a clinical assistant professor with the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia.

    Marc sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Oriented Research committee and is part of the Clinical Research Network.

  • linda-wilhelm

    Linda Wilhelm

    Kings County, New Brunswick

    Linda Wilhelm is the president of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance and was previously with the Canadian Arthritis Network's Consumer Advisory Council. She has also a collaborated on a number of Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient Oriented Research grants.

    Linda sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Steering committee and Patient Engagement committee.

Past Patient Perspective Partners
  • billie-jo-bogden

    Billie Jo Bogden

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Billie Jo has a background in policy, communications and intergovernmental affairs. She is currently working on a collective action project to address gaps in education and awareness both within the health care sector and the community. Advocating for patient rights, she supports a more active participation in the development of patient treatment plans and the integration of care for patients living with chronic pain.

    Billie Jo is a past Co-Chair of the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Oriented Research Committee.

  • isabel-jordan

    Isabel Jordan

    Squamish, British Columbia

    Isabel Jordan is the Chair of the Rare Disease Foundation, as well as a founding member. Isabel has volunteered with many non-profit groups and is active with Vancouver Parent 2 Parent Resource Network and a partner in the #ItDoesn'tHavetoHurt campaign.

    Isabel sat on the Chronic Pain Network's Knowledge Translation committee.

  • rebecca-lee

    Rebecca Lee

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Rebecca Lee is a spokesperson for The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, contributor to the chronic illness and disability publication The Mighty and past member of Queen’s University InvisAbilities. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology from Queen’s University.

    Rebecca sits on the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement committee.

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