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Dr. ​Cyril Schneider

Dr. Schneider's studies aim to improve the motor / cognitive functions or reduce pain in people living with neurological, musculoskeletal or chronic pain problems (eg, low back pain, complex regional pain syndrome) or neuropathic pain. The idea is to influence cerebral plasticity (brain adaptation potential) through the use of new targeted neurostimulation techniques (non-invasive, painless).

Neurostimulation allows a regulation of brain activity (neuromodulation), which leads to the reactivation of neural networks spared and therefore available for rehabilitation.

Dr. Schneider's "Laboratory of Neurostimulation and Clinical Neurosciences" aims to improve​ the quality of life of patients, while ​gaining a more fundamental understanding of the health problems targeted. Future work will aim to better define the optimal periods of neurostimulation, ie "therapeutic windows" to induce cerebral plasticity that will lead to the best recovery of lost or altered functions. These studies will also make it possible to refine the diagnoses and prognoses of recovery in each problem and to identify the factors predicting the success of these exploratory approaches.

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