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Aboriginal Children's Hurt & Healing Initiative National: Gathering and sharing knowledge to improve Aboriginal children’s pain assessment and management

by CPN Admin | Apr 07, 2017
Leader(s): Margot Latimer (Co-PI), Sharon Rudderham (Co-PI)
National Community Engagement & Research Coordinator: John R. Sylliboy
IWK Health Centre, Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, Eskasoni Health Centre, Dalhousie University
Other Members: Finley, A.; Harman, K.; Mushquash, C.; Paul, K.; Chorney, J.; Hutt-MacLeod, D.; Perley-Dutcher, L.

Expansion of the Aboriginal Children’s Hurt & Healing initiative to encompass six additional communities, including four more First Nations (Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec), one Inuit (Labrador) and one Metis (Manitoba) community. The Aboriginal Children’s Hurt & Healing (ACHH) Initiative was created out of a need to better understand the issue of chronic pain in Aboriginal pediatric populations. Aboriginal children experience higher rates of painful conditions including, but not limited to, dental pain, ear pain and headaches. However, pain management and treatment remains inadequate. ACHH Initiative has engaged four Atlantic Canadian First Nations communities (3 Mi’kmaq, 1 Maliseet) to begin to better understand the prevalence, experience and conceptualization of pain.

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