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CPN-KMIS Governance Structure

The CPN-KMIS is composed of seven committees and working groups, a National
Coordinating Centre, along with a registry working group and clinical research network.
Each committee has at least two People Living with Pain, including one as committee

Information Box Group

Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Norm Buckley, Jennifer Daly-Cyr*

Committee Members: Hélène Beaudry, Manon Choinière, Barry Sessle, Alice Wagennar, Fiona Webster, Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Divya Kanwar Bhati (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Co-Chairs: Therese Lane*, Joy MacDermid, John R. Sylliboy

Committee Members: Nataly Espinoza Suarez, Vina Mohabir, Kyle Vader, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio), Yasser Essa (Ex-Officio)

Knowledge Mobilization Implementation Science Committee

Co-Chairs: Katie Birnie, Alex Haagaard*, Justin Presseau

Committee Members: Bruce Dick, Allen Finley, Alfonso Iorio, Leslie Norris-Singer*, Josh Rash, Bonnie Stevens, Marc White*, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Divya Kanwar Bhati (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio)

Mandate: To ensure dissemination of the output of the Network through multifaceted strategies to multiple audiences including health care professionals, researchers, policy makers, and the public. It will also facilitate contribution to original KT research.

Patient Engagement Committee

Co-Chairs: Divya Kanwar Bhati, Linda Wilhelm*

Committee Members: Kathleen Eubanks*, Janet Gunderson*, Therese Lane*, Delane Linkiewich*, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Maria Hudspith (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Divya Kanwar Bhati (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio)

Mandate: To ensure meaningful engagement of diverse patients with chronic pain in the Governance and Committee structures and projects of the network. To increase the capacity of: (a) network members to meaningfully engage patients in their research projects and (b) patients to be engaged in the network. To evaluate and report on the outcomes of patient engagement in Network activities.

Training & Capacity Building Committee

Co-Chairs: Rachael Bosma, Lynn Cooper*

Committee Members: Rob Bonin, Jennifer Lorca*, Jennifer Stinson, Perri Tutelman, Kyle Vader, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Divya Kanwar Bhati (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio), Cynthia Nguyen (Ex-Officio), Shelley O’Brien (Ex-Officio)

Mandate: To provide high quality innovative patient-oriented research training within the Network, and to create and foster linkages between trainees and mentors, and between clinicians, consumers and researchers. These linkages will enhance interdisciplinary research collaboration, innovation and trainee success, and they will also provide diverse and unique partnerships across settings, networks and stakeholders.

Indigenous Health Working Group

Co-Chairs: Margot Latimer, John R. Sylliboy

Committee Members: Elder Margaret Lavallee, Elder Albert Marshall, Katie Gloade, Melanie Morris, Courtney Pennell, Brent Young

Mandate: To ensure to generate Indigenous research knowledge that will be meaningful for the Network and will endeavor to share through diverse strategies for multiple audiences including communities, academics, health professionals, public and policy makers.

Registry Working Group

Co-Chairs: Manon Choinière, Jacques Laliberte*, Jennifer Stinson

Committee Members: Krista Baerg, Nader Ghasemlou, Janice Sumpton*, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Divya Kanwar Bhati (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio), Audree Janelle-Montcalm (Ex-Officio)

Mandate: To put in place a Canadian registry of registries of chronic pain patients – i.e. a platform for harnessing existing patient registries and thereby allow data sharing for conducting research on chronic pain.

To support the development of new patient registry initiatives using a cohesive national approach by promoting the collection of a standard set of outcome measures amongst registries and the use of servers/platforms that can communicate.

To implement across Canada a common needs-based minimal set of quality indicators/ outcome measures in practice settings across the health care continuum that will serve clinical, administrative, and research purposes, and thereby constitute the core of a national registry of adult and pediatric patients suffering from chronic pain that will be used to collect population health level data and conduct large research projects aimed at improving the management of chronic pain for all Canadians.

Clinical Research Network

Co-Chairs: Ian Gilron, Chris DeBow*

Committee Members: Krista Baerg, Geoff Bellingham, Rachael Bosma, Aline Boulanger, Fiona Campbell, Bruce Dick, Tania DiRenna, Marie-Joëlle Dore-Bergeron, Scott Duggan, Renée El-Gabalawy, Sheri Findlay, Allen Finley, Pablo Ingelmo, Keith Jarvi, Deepa Kattail, James Khan, John (Kip) Kramer, Christine Lamontagne, Karim Mukhida, Melanie Noel, Tim Oberlander, Gabrielle Pagé, Anne Marie Pinard, Raju Poolacherla, Patricia Poulin, Yoram Shir, Jennifer Stinson, René Truchon, Norm Buckley (Ex-Officio), Brandon Van Dam (Ex-Officio), Jessica Bottomley (Ex-Officio)

Mandate: To carry out and direct all clinical research and clinical trial activities of the Chronic Pain Network

*denotes a Person Living with Pain